?At Pioneer we are committed to strive for excellence in all practices so that; we deliver the best of our products to our valued customers and the pioneering continues........


We at Pioneer constantly strive to excel through implementation of latest technology and train our manpower to work on them. A major area of focus is making the whole aspect of production and distribution eco-friendly with a major part of efforts going into sound resistance engineering to prevent noise pollution, waste water treatment and recycling unusable end products. Pioneer has the technology in these areas from the world leaders in the field.
The Company has state-of-the-art continuous process from the world leaders in process technology for degumming, neutralisation and dewaxing of various permissible edible oils. Vanaspati (Hydrogenated Edible Oil), a bland cooking medium, made by the hydrogenation of vegetable oils is an economical substitute for ghee derived from milk. Hydrogenation is used to raise the melting range of liquid oils so that it is a solid fat at room temperature.
Pioneering continues........
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